Early Childhood Program (Pre-k and K)

Wildrock warmly welcomes our youngest visitors for two-hour trips including free play on the playscape and educational games that teach about the seasons and plant and animal life at Wildrock.  Children will splash in the stream, crawl through tunnels, hide in the bear cave, create in the art house, climb the log obstacle course, explore the giant nest, "cook" in the mud kitchen, and care for play animals in the Wildlife Rescue Station. For more information, click here

A special Four Season Discovery Program invites preschoolers to come for four discounted trips over the course of the school year. Click here for more information.

Fees are $8 per student and chaperone.  Teachers are free.  There is a $175 minimum per trip. (Small school groups may request to attend on a date with another small school to avoid the minimum fee). Title 1 schools may qualify for have a reduced fee, depending on grant funding available. Families attending field trips with multiple siblings pay no more than $25.00. Children in arms are free.

Contact Paige Lindblom, Early Childhood Program Director, for our teacher welcome kit. Email wildrockreservations@gmail.com.

first grade -twelFTh grade

Wildrock field trips invite play-based learning and student-directed inquiry. Themes correspond with the Virginia Standards of Learning and are adapted to meet the developmental needs of each age group. Trips are typically two to three hours in the morning. Free play only field trips available as well as programmed options. Students may stay for a bag picnic lunch.  Learn how Wildrock can come to your school! Traveling programs are registering now!

The following themed trips can be adapted for each grade level:  

Habitat Explorers (1st through 4th grade). Led by an environmental educator, this trip invites students to search the trail for fourteen signs of wildlife, such as antler sheds, snake skins, nests, owl pellets, and burrow holes. Students will see stream, forest, and meadow ecosystems. This trip also includes an hour of nature play on the playscape and optional time for a picnic lunch in the pavilion. Find details here.

Wild about Rocks (5th grade). Led by an environmental educator, this trip teaches students about Virginia's geologic history. Hike the discovery loop trail to find and identify sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks and play the Rock Cycle Game. This trip includes an hour of nature play on the playscape. Find details here.

Tree Detectives (K through 2nd grade). Learn about special trees at Wildrock during a hike on the discovery loop trail. Students will learn about the wildlife that depends on trees, identification skills, and the tree life cycle. Students will be invited to create a simple land art installation celebrating trees to conclude the trip. This trip includes an hour of nature play on the playscape and optional time for a picnic lunch. Find details here.

Wildrock Stewards (2nd through 4th grade). This trip teaches conservation concepts during a hike on the Discovery Loop Trail. Students will learn specific ways people can help the environment by creating improved habitat for plants and animals. To conclude the trip, students will create insect hotels that may be taken back to school to improve schoolyard habitat for insect populations in decline. An hour of nature play on our playscape is also included during this trip. Find details here.

Winged Wonders (3rd and 4th grade) Students will tour Wildrock's bird sanctuary to learn about ideal habitats for birds. They will discover the importance of native plants and take part in a habitat assessment. Students will discover several inquiry stations to learn about bird identification and adaptations. Students will also enjoy the wonderful world of bird watchingby using binoculars on an overlook. An hour of nature play is also included. Find details here.

Native Plant Ambassadors (4th grade)
Students will explore Wildrock's trail stopping at several native and invasive plant/tree species. Students will learn simple plant identification skills, importance of native species, and the environmental concerns with invasive plants. Inquiry stations will provide students with a knowledge of plant and tree adaptations. This trip includes an hour of free play and exploration on Wildrock's playscape. Find details here.

Team-building Field Trips: click here.

Fees are $8 per student and chaperone.  Teachers are free. There is a $175 minimum per trip. When grant funding is available, Wildrock will provide discounts and scholarships for Title 1 schools. 

Wildrock can accommodate up to two school buses of students.  To learn more or schedule a trip, please click here to contact us. Waivers and policy and procedures forms are available at the bottom of this page.

Senior Citizen Field Trips

Wildrock offers a field trip program for senior citizen community groups. 

Tray Play in Nature is a two-hour therapeutic program using beautiful and artful natural materials on interactive trays to inspire self-expression, artistic freedom, and sensory enjoyment.  The program includes an opportunity to explore the beauty of Wildrock and to enjoy a tactile, sensory experience with natural materials.  Fees are $18 per person.  A minimum fee of $180 is required.  Contact info@wildrock.org for more information.  

Contact us for more information.

Traveling PRograms

Wildrock is committed to bringing nature play to schools and community groups. We offer after-school programs, pop-up play installations, and in-school enrichment offerings. For more information, click here