Wildrock is currently fundraising to meet our operational expenses for 2018.

$150 Pays admission for a low income preschool or elementary classroom to visit WIldrock.

$175  Pays for fourteen women receiving counseling services with partnering nonprofits to attend an ecotherapy retreat that teaches participants strategies for developing an intentional relationship with nature to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

$200 Sponsors a "pay-what-you-can" public play day

$300  Pays for a nonprofit partnering group to offer an overnight camping retreat promoting family bonding.

$350  Pays for a day-retreat for organizations serving families facing severe life stressors.

$400  Pays for a teacher workshop on using the outdoors to teach emotional resiliency skills.  

$500  Maintains a play element for a year.

$600 Pays for a full day retreat for 5th grade girls teaching empowerment skills through nature connection.

Sponsorships are currently available for playscape elements.  A $2000 donation will be honored with recognition on our website and on the playscape.