Saturday retreats

The Veteran Get-Away Program is part of Wildrock's On Solid Ground Program promoting nature connection as a path for greater health and happiness.  This program welcomes veteran families with kids ages 18 and under to come for a Saturday afternoon of fun on the playscape and trails, followed by a catered dinner, evening campfire games and activities, s'mores, star gazing, and optional tent camping.  In the morning, there is time for more exploration on the trails before departing at 10:00am.  The retreats create an exciting opportunity for kids to build happy memories with parents and to meet other families who have experienced a family member's deployment.  

Veteran volunteers and social workers knowledgeable about community resources and common needs of returning soldiers and their families will be welcoming participants.  Program leaders understand the common stress reactions veterans and their families may face following deployments.  Retreats are free of charge to any veteran (regardless of type of service or discharge) thanks to a generous grant from the 4TW5K Run.  To get more information or to register, contact us.

Next Veteran Get-Away Program is on March 17th from 2:00pm to 8:00pm.

Powering Up with Outdoor Survival Skills:  Family Get-Away

Young Children ages 4 to 9 participate in the Habitat Heroes Workshop:  Look for signs of animal activity, make simple habitat structures for small animals, catch minnows in the stream, and play animal adventure games.

Older Children ages 10 to 17 participate in Outdoors Survival Skill Training.  Learn how to create a shelter, cook over a fire, and live outdoors! 

Parents may participate in activities with their children or attend a workshop, Leading the Adventure: Raising Strong and Confident Kids.

To learn more or to register, contact us.