Words about wildrock


"Such a great place! The pastoral setting tucked at the foot of the other side of the Blue Ridge from my hometown of Waynesboro is amazing. It's definitely a spot I want to visit again. Carolyn, the founder, is warmly passionate about this place, a segue to days gone by where kids can have fun and learn about life in the good old outdoors!" - Parent visitor

"I will share that in the 36 years of being in the classroom, I have never had a class experience such a deep connection to a place as my kiddos did to Wildrock.  Wildrock truly was an extension of the classroom. However, being outdoors and exploring the seasonal changes made for richer learning and a deeper understanding. Wildrock became part of the fabric of the classroom. The children made connections to their wildrock experiences when they played in classroom centers, looked at books, found insects and critters on the playground, and in our classroom meetings and at circle time." - Preschool teacher 

"There are exceptionally few places that combine natural beauty and whimisical adventure for children. Wildrock has made that place a reality. The mix of built environments and organic features engage the mind and delight the senses." - Parent visitor

"Wildrock is the prefect place for kids to engage in the outdoors.  It has just the right amount of structure to capture their imagination and facilitate protracted independent play.  We love it here!" -- Parent visitor

"This is the best day ever!" -- Child visitor

"I wish I could live here!" -- Child visitor