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"Such a great place! The pastoral setting tucked at the foot of the other side of the Blue Ridge from my hometown of Waynesboro is amazing. It's definitely a spot I want to visit again. Carolyn, the founder, is warmly passionate about this place, a segue to days gone by where kids can have fun and learn about life in the good old outdoors!" - Parent visitor

"I will share that in the 36 years of being in the classroom, I have never had a class experience such a deep connection to a place as my kiddos did to Wildrock.  Wildrock truly was an extension of the classroom. However, being outdoors and exploring the seasonal changes made for richer learning and a deeper understanding. Wildrock became part of the fabric of the classroom. The children made connections to their wildrock experiences when they played in classroom centers, looked at books, found insects and critters on the playground, and in our classroom meetings and at circle time." - Preschool teacher 

"There are exceptionally few places that combine natural beauty and whimisical adventure for children. Wildrock has made that place a reality. The mix of built environments and organic features engage the mind and delight the senses." - Parent visitor

"Wildrock is the prefect place for kids to engage in the outdoors.  It has just the right amount of structure to capture their imagination and facilitate protracted independent play.  We love it here!" -- Parent visitor

“I went to Wildrock FOUR TIMES!!! My teacher said we would get to learn a lot. I really liked learning outside. My favorite parts were using the learning bags to discover things, getting to dress up like animals, learning about habitats, and being able to run around a LOT! I'm really lucky because we can visit Wildrock anytime. I hope my school takes me back for more learning and fun.” - Kindergarten participant in Four Seasons Preschool Program

"This is the best day ever!" -- Child visitor

"I wish I could live here!" -- Child visitor

“I had a wonderful experience and I would/will love to share this beautiful and positive learning experience with my loved ones.  I feel blessed by nature and I look forward to using what I learned and appreciated here today and carrying that throughout my journey in my daily life.  It has allowed me to understand the magnitude of connection, gratitude, and savor to feel whole when I’m feeling less than. Thank you.” — Participant in Women’s Initiative Retreat

“Our experience at Wildrock has been wonderful!  As the parents of a 7-year old boy on the spectrum, outdoor, interactive experiences such as those Wildrock provides enables our son to further develop, explore, and acquire skills through participating in a range of outdoor activities. Our son would normally have his therapeutic activities indoors and rarely outdoors, and so Wildrock provides a special and safe environment where he can play and interact with the outside world independently and with others.  We have seen firsthand the restorative and stress-reducing effects that Wildrock has had on our son.” — Parent visitor

Wow!  What an AMAZING adventure our ESOL kiddos had on Friday. THANK YOU to you both for helping to coordinate, and to Carlene and Kat for a GREAT experience at Wildrock. We (the teachers) are already brainstorming how we can incorporate some of the elements we saw into our own guided discovery, recess, and instructional time at school  (I'm painting story rocks this summer!), and Joanie and I were also wondering about a professional development book club/action research group to continue our own learning throughout the school year. Many more field trips to come…” — Elementary school teacher

“We came here for the first time yesterday for our littlest daughter's 2nd birthday. We had heard good things about them, but it was beyond our expectations. The natural playspaces were phenomenal. The trail was beautiful! We especially loved the Hug Me signs on the trees! The Art House with slate chalkboards and weaving loom was genius. The lifesize bird nest was just unbelievable. We spent over an hour just catching crayfish in the wading stream, watching them wriggle around, and then setting them free again. This is such a lovely, well thought out space for families to connect to nature and one another. It was muddy and messy and just all the good stuff that childhood should be. We can't wait to come back. Well done!” — Parent visitor

“This place was amazing. My boys loved playing at all the different stations and we spent at least two hours just playing and exploring the creek! Definitely reminded me of my childhood and I loved being able to share those memories and these new ones with my kids!” — Parent visitor



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