Creating Nature Play spaces in the City

Wildrock works with local schools, non-profits, and public housing communities to create nature play opportunities in urban green spaces. A generous grant from the Bama Works Fund has supported Wildrock in creating Pop-Up Nature Play Lab installations weekly in area public housing communities. The Pop Up Nature Play Lab is also offered to dozens of non-profit partners and local public schools for promoting the value of free, outdoor play for children’s well-being. The Nature Play Lab is a true “laboratory” where children learn through self-guided experimentation.

Wildrock is currently working to provide all local public city schools with a Nature Play Lab™ shed that serves as both an open-ended play material storage space and an inviting play house when the materials are removed for recess play. Wildrock trains teachers in play facilitation skills and provides a play material library to continually rotate novel items into the play shed. The Nature Play Lab materials encourage student play and exploration in schoolyard green areas beyond the mulched and rubberized metal equipment.