our values

We strongly believe:

  • every person has the basic right to experience a personal connection to the natural world that is supportive of health and happiness. 
  • play is not just for children, but is needed in all phases of life for physical and mental health, social connection, creativity, and pleasure.  Nature inspires play in many forms – art, movement, storytelling, journaling, and photography, to name a few. 
  • it is critically important to provide access to nature play for every member of our community so that no one is denied its benefits.
  • people who play in nature are the most likely to work to protect nature throughout life.  

our mission

Wildrock’s mission is to promote nature play for health and happiness.  Given that nature play is less a part of daily life today than in any previous generation, it is necessary to create enticing opportunities for people to reconnect with the natural world.  Our mission is based on the evidence that nature connection:

  • fosters social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in childhood and beyond.
  • inspires a conservation ethic by giving people joyful memories that lead to a desire to protect and preserve natural places.
  • builds communities of collaboration and creativity needed to meet the challenges of our time.

our vision

The benefits of nature connection will be available to everyone, at every stage of life.