We are excited to welcome you to WIldrock! We hope that the views of Fox Mountain, the mountain streams, and the creative fun of the playscape will bring you as much joy as we have experienced bringing Wildrock to life. We are grateful to local nonprofit Building Goodness and to the hundreds of volunteers and donors that have stepped forward to help make the vision a reality. 

The idea for Wildrock came from the land itself. Watching our own kids' happiness hiking up to the rock overlook, playing under the willow tree, and watching minnows in the stream inspired us to think about transforming our family's land into a public space for joyful connection to nature.  

We know that time spent in nature helps us to be happier, healthier, and more creative. Research supports this, but it has become increasingly difficult to get kids outside. Kids, on average, spend seven minutes a day in outdoor play and seven hours with electronic devices. Thanks to partnerships with dozens of schools and local nonprofits, Wildrock welcomes thousands of children and families every year to create the happy memories in nature that are the seeds of a conservation ethic and the building blocks of healthy child development. We are working with schools, nonprofits, and universities to expand opportunities for health-promoting experiences in nature and to advance the emerging field of ecotherapy.  We hope to be a special place in nature for you and your family for years to come.

- Carolyn Schuyler, Executive Director