Program overview

 Relax and get away for a bit with your loved ones.

Relax and get away for a bit with your loved ones.

This program is part of Wildrock's On Solid Ground Program dedicated to providing families with a platform to connect with nature as a path for greater health and happiness. Open to any family looking to strengthen bonds and reinforce social and emotional skills, the Family Play Day is a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of nature connection. A expressive arts counselor with expertise in child development and family relationships leads the program.

The Family Play Day is typically offered Saturday mornings from 10:00am to 12:00pm followed by optional extended free play until 1:30pm.  The first hour focuses on a expressive art projects using natural materials and is followed by free play on the playscape. This program may be offered at other times by arrangement.  

A donation of $25 is suggested per family for a two-hour session including a guided activity and free play on the playscape. Participants referred by nonprofit partners are free. 

Referrals from partnering nonprofits are encouraged.  To register, sign up for a morning play slot on a Saturday here:

To learn more about the Family Play Day, contact us.